How do you turn key audiences into loyal followers using the resources you have?

Few organizations have unlimited budget and staff to reach all donors and constituents all the time. Strategic focus is key, but prioritizing which audience to reach–and how–can be a challenge in today’s ever-changing social media landscape.

Whether you are launching a new brand, retooling an old strategy, or completely re-envisioning your communications approach, Kaleidoscope Consulting can help you:

  • Identify key audiences by analyzing communication ROI
  • Craft the most powerful messages for key audiences
  • Integrate social media with other communication vehicles to increase visibility
  • Optimize existing content and develop new content
  • Streamline content production for staff
  • Encourage stakeholder participation without taxing resources
  • Determine success indicators and measure impact

This approach grows with your organization. As you incorporate these tactics with one set of key audiences, Kaleidoscope Consulting can help you expand to new audiences and prioritize your outreach approach.