Thinking Big: Community Philanthropy and Management of Large-Scale Assets 
Three case studies exploring how community philanthropy, which is often small scale, can be a model for communities to manage large funds and design and manage their own development projects.

Smart Risks: How Small Grants Are Helping to Solve Some of the World’s Biggest Problems 
A collection of essays by global practitioners on how small grants can support community-driven development.

Danger, Opportunity & a New Path for Community Philanthropy 
A discussion on emerging research about communities managing their own large-scale natural and financial assets to determine their development path

Community Engagement Spectrum
A tool to help organizations assess and foster community ownership in local projects and policy-making.

Communities in the Driver’s Seat: A Global Perspective
From the panel presentation Whose Project Is It? Fostering Community Ownership, Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference, October 7, 2015

The Great Untapped: Revolutionizing Development through Community-Based Organizations
A discussion of the benefits of community self-development for grassroots organizations and international funders

Community Philanthropy Chimes with SDGs
Case study by Avila Kilmurray and Jenny Hodgson on the connection between community philanthropy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

What Does Copper Mining In Ecuador Have to Do with Coal Exports in Oregon?

Reflections on grassroots organizing across national borders

Grantwriting for Grassroots Projects
Tips for involving community members in writing and implementing successful grant proposals