Mary Fifield, principal, brings more than 20 years of experience in communications and training and more than a decade of experience in program design and organizational development in the U.S. and international non-profit sector.

As executive director for two community non-profit organizations, she has designed and implemented strategic plans and communications plans, conducted program evaluations, and helped build cross-sector relationships to support community advocacy. She founded Amazon Partnerships Foundation in Ecuador and created a grant-making model to support indigenous communities’ projects to confront climate change and advocate for sustainable development policy. She is co-producer of the award-winning documentary Life and Breath: Kichwa People Confront Climate Change in the Amazon and has collaborated with community foundations in South Africa on grassroots organizing and digital media.

Now based in Portland, Oregon, she is a board member of the Oregon Sierra Club and an active member of conservation and community organizing networks. She holds an M.F.A in creative writing from San Diego State University and is fluent in Spanish. Her articles on community development, climate change, and related topics appear at, Blue Oregon, and others. Her blog and other publications are found at Earth In Here. Click here for complete curriculum vitae.


Jenna Rose, associate, is an experienced photographer and an avid adventure seeker with a degree in anthropology from the University of North Texas.

Passionate about people, places, and animals, Jenna is interested in the intersection between environmental conservation and community. She is a digital media associate with Gard Communications and brings graphic design, web development, and social media skills to the Kaleidoscope Consulting team. Jenna’s photography is on view at splashyphoto.