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Kaleidoscope Consulting promotes community-led development and community philanthropy through program design, impact assessment, training, and research to create lasting change.

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I highly recommend Kaleidoscope Consulting to any organization that is ready to dismantle dominant culture practices and create meaningful, sustainable leadership opportunities for those who have been historically marginalized.
— Lara Jones, Confluence Environmental Center

What is community-led development?

Community-led development (sometimes referred to as community-driven development or asset based community development) is based on the premise that communities know what is best for their future. Communities determine their needs and assets, design and implement their own projects, and may seek outside support as desired, but they own the process and outcomes of local development. 

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What is community philanthropy?

Community philanthropy is the practice of ordinary people pooling their resources – cash, skills and knowledge, labor, materials, and connections, among others – to invest in local projects that reflect their vision for development. Material wealth is not a requirement. Many communities around the world practice community philanthropy on very small budgets. As co-investors, they have a high stake in their collective success.

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